Calling the API

Integrator instructions

  1. Navigate to the incontrl registration page
  2. Check your mail and click the activation link. If you can't find it, please check your spam/junk folder.
  3. Sign in
  4. Go to My apps and click on Create - COPY THE GENERATED KEY - You may see the key ONLY ONCE, so keep a copy of it somewhere safe.
  5. Launch postman.
  6. Use an online base64 encoder and get the encoded version of {your appId}:{your primary key}
  7. Copy your base64-ed result from step (7) & prepare for your first post on
headers :
header value
Authorization Basic Base64-ed credentials
Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded
params :
name value
grant_type client_credentials
scope core

that would be the equivalent of the following raw text grant_type=client_credentials&scope=core

The result should be HTTP STATUS 200 with a JSON response similar to this.

  "access_token": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IkJDMTQ3RjlFNzE3MTQ2RkY0NkJCQ0U2MUQ2NDM0NDRDOUY4N0IwQTEiLCJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJ4NXQiOiJ2QlJfbm5GeFJ2OUd1ODVoMWtORVRKLUhzS0UifQ.eyJuYmYiOjE0ODkxNTQwNzYsImV4cCI6MTQ4OTE1NzY3NiwiaXNzIjoiaHR0cDovL3d3dy5pbmNvbnRybC5pbyIsImF1ZCI6WyJodHRwOi8vd3d3LmluY29udHJsLmlvL3Jlc291cmNlcyIsImNvcmUiXSwiY2xpZW50X2lkIjoiaW5jb250cm9sIGRlbW8gYXBwMSIsInNjb3BlIjpbImNvcmUiXX0.sdlq3acZuYiXdnWIWRgTySpO0MVCiYmdZbqD-aKdfee25bQizGm5WmL7-CyR-5ujf4kgPa_9PhzmBTtTGIisI0se6YBjrgkLRpwlFt_e_y8apZ0Epp0m2SgrrGQ16i5fywB1nZbmu8i5aYz5MtIFNAef3f0WnLoMXkwA-oaIEjp6qnmqT-yWKmjckr0UDZqmprYo_PRXkpm3hY3swaIKH4noXgfGXu7Iw
  "expires_in": 3600,
  "token_type": "Bearer"

Any JSON web token can be opened and View on JWT.IO


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